Why Join TNAPT?

From Past President and beloved member Dr. Ron McDonald:

“The most valuable offering the Association has to offer you is collegial learning, rubbing elbows with experienced and aspiring practitioners who work with you to apply what they know and understand about applying counseling principles to sound, dynamic leadership. If you volunteer some of your time and expertise to this community, you will make friends for life, for we are a body filled with people who understand the difficulty of this work, the profound effect our experiential continuing education has on your growth as a clinician and human being, and clarity of how our mutual work is tied to our understandings of the Divine.

“There was a tradition in AAPC that all meetings began with a “check-in,” a kind of “How are you really doing in your life since we last met?”  Like others, I quickly learned that it was a golden opportunity to share in the inner sanctuary of some of the wisest men and women I had ever met.

“Keep your eyes and ears open to one another and you will soon agree with me that this body of these community healers ranks up there as one of the best opportunities for building a personal and professional foundation for healing you’ll ever have.”

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