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The Tennessee Association of Pastoral Therapists

The Tennessee Association of Pastoral Therapists (TNAPT) was founded in 1995 to be an advocate for a license for pastoral counselors in the state.  However, having achieved the goal of a state license, we have shifted to the following three-fold mission.  Our association does not credential or certify counselors.  We are a professional association that exists for the following purposes:


TNAPT exists as a collegial support for Pastoral Therapists in the State of Tennessee. We provide opportunities throughout the year for Pastoral Counselors to gather in social gatherings in the three major regions of Tennessee, in continuing education events, and at our annual meeting.


TNAPT provides continuing education opportunities throughout the year and at our annual meeting to assist Pastoral Therapists and others interested in counseling from a Pastoral perspective to remain effective in their practice and to meet the state’s requirements for continuing education.


TNAPT desires to raise the public awareness of Pastoral Counselors as expertly qualified, theologically trained, mental health providers. TNAPT also continues to function as legal and legislative advocate for Pastoral Counseling in the State.

Pastoral Psychotherapy

Pastoral Counseling is a unique mental health discipline that incorporates theological reflection, spiritual resources, and in-depth psychotherapy for health and wholeness.  In Tennessee, trained pastoral counselors can be licensed as “Clinical Pastoral Therapists” and those licensed include therapists who are theologically trained or have specialized training in spiritual integration as well as their training in psychotherapy.  While Pastoral Therapists were traditionally ministers with specialized training in counseling, our membership now includes others with specialized training in spiritually-integrated psychotherapy, and a client does not need to be affiliated with any particular religion or spiritual practice to benefit from the services of a Pastoral Therapist.  Pastoral Therapists are comfortable working with clients of any spiritual background, no spiritual background, or those who have been hurt by their faith tradition.  Our members provide a variety of services and treat a variety of issues with individual, couple, and family clients. We also provide consultation to organizations as needed. 

Explore the purpose and meaning behind our logo:
Explore the purpose and meaning behind our logo:

Explore the purpose and meaning behind our logo:

Current Leadership…

PresidentDr. Laura Kreiselmaier
Vice PresidentDr. Jennifer Crane Crenshaw
SecretaryDr. Ron McDonald
TreasurerRev. Chris O’Rear
Community OutreachDr. David Thornton
Website/TechMason Hale